Motivation Tuesday

This blog is going up……. On a Tuesday, this song is running through my head so I guess that’s my motivation to get this started! Since this is my first post I’ll just start out with some fun facts about myself so you all can get to know me a little better!

My email is currently filled up with store discounts and new products, and I usually fall for at least one of those sales promotions!

I don’t start my mornings without drinking warm lemon water followed by green tea with raw honey and cinnamon first thing.

For breakfast during the work week I eat either avocado toast or greek yogurt with fresh fruit and granola.  It’s my latest obsession! (I’ll venture out on occasion and try something different)

I love to pick out and style what I’m going to wear for the week/weekend and I hate re-hanging what doesn’t make the cut.

My favorite shopping partner is my husband- he holds the bags 😉

I’ve currently been wearing my fitbit for a year straight, I think it’s time to invest in the Tory Burch bracelet to make it more stylist, but I can’t go anywhere without it. I’ve become a pro at making it blend in and accessorizing it!

I love to cook but Daarik (my husand & pronounced Derek) makes it very difficult at times because he isn’t in to the whole clean eating thing like I am so usually its two different meals or a pb&j for him.

Starting this journey is so exciting and I can’t wait to share a part of my life with you all, hope you enjoy!


**Since I am a beginner bare with me, I’m still learning this whole process but I promise it only goes up from here!






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