1 Shoe for Every Occasion



I recently picked up these adorable and oh so affordable booties from Target, the best place ever! The greatest thing about them other than the neutral color that goes with everything is that they are so comfortable. Don’t you just love a good chunky heel, it makes wearing a heeled shoe so much easier. I have to kind of watch the height because I’m tall enough as it is and don’t want to completely tower over my husband! But the height on these couldn’t be more perfect!

Speaking of the husband, when I picked them up to try on he said “how does your foot stay in those things?” silly boy! 🙂 They are a slip on (which made them more attractive to me) but trust me your feet will not fall out unless you do a flip in them!

The brand is Dolce Vita (DV) for Target, this collaboration is amazing and the DV brand is one of my favorites! They stay true to size, so you shouldn’t need to go up or down on this particular shoe.  Target still has them available online and in just about every size, I just double checked and they also come in black. So, if you’re thinking you have too many neutral colored booties, black might be the next best option, but let’s be honest is there such a thing as too many neutral colored shoes?!? 😉

You guys can see I’ve paired some accessories and an outfit with them, which was really easy because you could literally wear them with just about anything! The denim button up is also from Target, which I got on the same day. The jeans are Guess. I put a few chunky BB stack-able bangles and a few j.crew bracelets in the mix. The hat is from Urban Outfitters. Watch is Fossil.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Hump Day! Ps it’s my birthday today, so hopefully for the rest of the day I can just hang out with my main guys, T & D at home and be lazy with just a little celebration!



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