White on White on White


White nails on a white button up on white snow 😊





The downfall to living in Kentucky is by far the winter weather! I can think of some many wonderful perks of being a Kentuckian for instance: the UK Wildcats, the Kentucky Derby, the Spring and Fall colors, gorgeous farmland everywhere, genuine and friendly people, the distilleries and vineyards, the list could go on and on. But the winter weather is insane. Today we have snow and yet Saturday’s temperatures are supposed to be in the 60’s!! I’ll gladly take the high temps over the snow!

Today I am going to bare this cold weather and snow by blending in with it. It may be no fun to be out in but it sure is pretty; so I guess I can’t complain too much! 😉

I’ve always wanted to purchase a good white button up but it seems like every time I go shopping a white button never comes to mind. Well, on my last shopping trip I could hardly find anything I wanted (which hardly ever happens) so when I passed Ralph Lauren (click link to shop) I thought today is the day! I bought a white button down, FINALLY!! I knew I loved Ralph Lauren’s tops because I always wore my roommates. But watch out because I wear a small usually but when I picked up the top it looked too small so I bought a medium and it fits perfectly. Keep in mind this shirt is also great for laying, I’m sure you’ll be seeing it often!

So, now that I have the perfect shirt, here’s to hoping I don’t fall down on any ice today, fingers crossed because with me it will probably happen!! Hope everyone enjoys their Monday and has a great start to your week! 🙂



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