Spring Fever 


Shop These Accessories!

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This past weekend really spoiled us in Kentucky with the 60 degree temperatures. It’s almost March,  meaning it’s almost Springtime!! I always enjoy and get excited for this time of year, sooooo I just can’t hold off on this post any long. Look at all the colors, I thought I’d go ahead and link up some extra cute (and colorful) Spring accessory ideas for you guys!

Adding bright Springy colors into the mix is always super fun to do especially after keeping with the more dark to neutral color tones for the winter season. I’ve let the husband know any of the above would be more than welcome into our home! (never know when a surprise present might pop up) 😉

You guys should have a great time shopping around with these ideas in mind. Hopefully these colors will brighten your Tuesday… thanks for stopping by!!




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