All I Want is Ice Cream


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Top: Nike  |  Bottoms: Similar  |  Pullover: Nike  |  Watch: Fossil- Similar  |  Shoes: Nike  |  Fitbit

This may have been my favorite shoot to date, look at the precious babies I had tag along with me for all the fun. With Spring approaching, being outside is a must. The sun is setting later in the day so getting off work in the late afternoon and still getting to spend time outside is amazing (especially with the warmer temps)! With that being said shooting later in the day isn’t always good for picture quality, the sun was starting to set on us.. sorry about the lighting, eek! 🙂

Thank goodness though that I had my niece and nephew with me or you all would have been blown up with pictures of my sweet T. Ferg (my pup) haha!

The best thing about this outfit post is that its workout clothes comfort central.  I think in the future the only late afternoon posts I’ll be shooting is in my workout clothes because once I put this outfit on, it did not want to come off. This top is amazing; I was sold on it as soon as I saw it.  First, the pocket and second, it fits longer than most tops. I have a long torso so tops NEVER cut lower than my waist, however this one does! YAY!!!  I don’t recall ever being disappointed with any of my Nike workout clothes but this top makes me want to buy even more! 😉

Unfortunately we didn’t get to eat any ice cream however we did eat some banana pudding and in my book that’s just as delicious!



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