I was sooo excited to open this package up!!!!  🙊🙈


So, I have mentioned Thrive Market once before (click on Menu and go to the Health tab) when I talked about some of my go-to snacks. I had just discovered this site and knew I would love it; it seriously cuts down on the prices of eating organic. I know a lot of people, myself included, have such a hard time eating organic because of the prices. Well Thrive Market helps that little problem out a ton!

After searching through the website about a thousand times (because I wanted to put everything in my cart) I selected a couple of my favorite things as well as some new products and brands I had wanted to try. What’s wonderful about this website is that you can choose your preference, may you be on a paleo, gluten free, vegan, healthy moms or raw diet (clearing out everything else you may not be able to or want to eat).
How it works…. With your first purchase you start your free 30-day trial; you can order anything and save an additional 15% the first time. If you spend up to $49 you also receive free shipping. After your 30 days you can choose whether or not you want to join and start a membership which is $59.95 yearly. With your membership, Thrive Market sponsors a low income family.  All of your organic products are always 25-50% off, which is awesome! Before you sign up for anything you can look around on their website to see if they have the brands and products you would buy.

Thrive Market doesn’t only have groceries, although that is what made me initially start looking through their website. They also have beauty, pet, baby, home, body and bath (I’m sure there’s still more to discover that I haven’t yet). I was very excited to get my first shipment in and there wasn’t anything that disappointed me or made me not want to re-order, so I am very happy to have found Thrive Market and I think my husband is even happier with the savings! 🙂

Let me know if you all love this website as much as I do and what goodies you’re buying that I should try!


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