Our Engagement

So many amazing and life changing memories come to mind when I look back at these photos. On this day exactly 3 years ago my very best friend asked me to be his wife. Speechless (minus a few choice words) I excitedly just hit him on the shoulder, taken aback that this wonderful man wanted me to be his fiancé, wife, and one day baby momma!

I can easily remember exactly how this entire day went. We were on ‘spring break’, I say it in quotes because only one person was still in college who went with us, while the rest of us had big kid jobs. However, we still of course enjoyed a few cocktails on the beach, played corn hole and caught some rays. Everyone except for myself knew exactly what was about to go down. We came in from the beach, got ready for dinner then headed back down to the beach for some pictures before eating (he had planned it out so well that he even color coordinated his outfit to mine). Little did I know Daarik was all nerves on the inside which he hid extremely well. The ring box was in his back pocket covered up with a koozie, I was clueless!

We were on the beach taking everyone’s pictures, then it was our turn. He started out by telling me his feelings, voice shaking and then got down on one knee where he asked me to be his wife. I, of course (after a minute of disbelief) said YES! That was the happiest moment of my life and I still can’t believe that after almost two years of marriage that he puts up with me 😉

I am beyond blessed and couldn’t imagine spending this life without him.  Everyday he amazes me with his kind  and giving heart, passionate work ethic, sweet smile, and love of family and friends. Thank you D.Wade Gray for loving me! 💕

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