I sure hope everyone is wearing their GREEN today! I think it’s so much fun when holidays have little activities to participate in, such as pinching people when not wearing green; gotta love St. Patrick’s Day, haha!! I am actually wearing this top today; any excuse to wear a casual baseball tee at work, I’ll take! As soon as I saw this top I knew I wanted it, it’s not at all something that I needed (although I don’t have that much green in my closet) but it’s just so darling.  And when you don’t have much green to choose from, well, you must purchase something!

This top is the Shop Local KY brand, which you can find at specialty stores and boutiques. I recently purchased mine at Marketplace Gray, which is more of a home décor store but they do carry this line of clothing. If you haven’t heard of Marketplace Gray and you like the Farmhouse look for your home, it’s a must shop. This store has the most unique pieces and everything is all so cute! Check it out 😀

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and if you aren’t wearing green hopefully you don’t get pinched too much! 😉🍀


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