When in Doubt- Accessorize 

Easy pieces that will complete your Spring wardrobe without costing a bundle. What sounds more appealing than that!? It amazes me the number of pieces I have that are actually pretty easy to transition from one season to another. It amazes me even more when I can pick up a pair of brightly colored earrings or simple necklace that helps completely change up the look. As much as I enjoy shopping, I also enjoy being able to save where I can. So being able to pick up some new jewelry (or any accessory) instead of a whole new wardrobe always helps! 

The terrific thing about buying accessories is that if you’re trying to save, you can buy  them at a less expensive price (unless it’s a piece that is timeless and buying a dupe just isn’t the same). Some great places too look are: H&M, Express, Aldo, J.Crew, Target, Nordstrom and I’ve even found cute pieces at Forever21 and don’t forget your local boutiques!

These suns I found at J. Crew Factory and are on sale! 

This entire jewelry set is from H&M

How cute would this bag from Nordstom be with a little monogram and it’s an every season wear! 

I recently purchased these sandals from Target and cannot wait to wear/style them! 

Trends are always changing and styles are always going in and out, so buying  items for less (although they may not keep forever) makes more sense for me! With one dress you can put on a demin jacket, scarf and booties. With that same dress you can put on a pair of sandals, statement necklace and two or three rings. Not every piece you can do this with and that’s why shopping is so fun.  You can buy trendy clothes (that you won’t hold on to for years) but also staple items that will be able to hang around in your closet longer (that you can make trendy with your accessories). 

So don’t get me wrong, I enjoy nothing more than buying a new pair of jeans and picking out a new top to buy or a dress for vacation (I’ll start styling it immediately to be sure I can wear it enough to get my money’s worth at least for one season). Just don’t forget you don’t need a new top or dress for every time you leave the house, be creative and switch up your accessories and throw on a different pair of shoes, these things go a long way! 😉



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