White Romance.. 


I’ve decided to change up my content just a bit for today’s post. Instead of the usual, I’m going to dive into my life just a little deeper. And to be honest, what I’m writing about may be my favorite true reality story! Of course I still had to add a little bit of the norm to this post… Insert pictures above, haha!  💕

The first time I laid eyes on Daarik, I thought I was going to melt. I’m more of an introvert (those who know me, know that) so going up to someone who is a complete stranger and introducing myself can be hard for me. I feel completely out of my comfort zone and force myself out of my shell. This is funny because I’ve always worked with the public (for example I worked as a sales associate in the mall and now I’m a sales rep) so I meet new people daily. I guess you could say a business relationship doesn’t bother me; a personal relationship is more difficult.

I was working at Fossil at the time; I had no clue who Daarik was. If I didn’t get introduced to him and just saw his name on a piece of paper, I would have definitely pronounced it wrong! But I did get introduced to him (as an employee and third key holder at Fossil) and learned quickly that we worked together.  The first time we worked together he wouldn’t leave me alone (introvert here… it’s like I knew he wasn’t some ordinary person, I was extremely shy but didn’t let that show). We went from talking at work to him Facebook messaging me, to him asking for my number, to him asking me on date.

  Just for reference and to save his pride, I did try looking him up on Facebook, couldn’t find him. Anyone wondering why……. Ummmm the spelling of his name!!

Our first date was not typical; he came over to my apartment after working a shift at Fossil. He was hungry so he decided to take me to Mad Mushroom. In the car ride over he was jamming to Martina McBride’s Independence Day (fist pumping). I thought, dear Lord get me through this, this kid is CRAZY!! Fortunately the rest of the date went amazing, so agreeing to a second date was easy (as well as every date after that)! We moved so quickly in our relationship, it was like second nature; before I knew it we exchanged I love yous (literally 2 months in).

Meeting families was no problem for either of us, I thought my dad wouldn’t like him because he wasn’t a farmer (he loved him). And luckily for me, his family is truly amazing. I am so blessed to now be apart of their lives.  It couldn’t have worked out any better, we both lucked up!  

We got engaged after 15 months of dating and married just a year and few months after that. We continue writing our story daily.  We work hard at our marriage, we argue, we mess up, we forgive,  we make unforgettable memories, we share new adventures, and we can’t wait to see what God has planned for us next. Most importantly we’re lucky and blessed to have a love like we do. 

Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do!!! 😘


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