Girlish Stripes 


This dress is so fun and girly that the cut out doesn’t even bother me! I’m definitely not a bear-midriff type of person but this cute dress is worth it. If you’re anything like me and showing off ‘too much’ skin bothers you, start off small like I did. 🙊🙉🙈 

Since I was wearing this girly little number, I thought why not share my top 5 favorite girly things to do!? (Living with a boy can get dirty, I’m picking up constantly it seems… So alone time is key to my sanity! And yes, that boy is my husband, haha!!)   

1. Rest and Relaxation // For me this means waking up around 8ish on a Saturday morning. Making a green tea (I add in cinnamon and honey) and something for breakfast. Lounging on the couch, no tv, and just being alone. Now, Daarik works in sports so he is gone a lot but that doesn’t mean I’m home alone all the time. Usually when he’s at games, I leave work around 5, go to the gym, shower, make dinner, walk Teddy, go to bed. Or I’ll do dinner with a friend, or go to my mom or sisters house. There’s usually always something  that keeps me from truly being relaxed! So this time is perfect for me, it’s simple and enjoying.

2. Manicure // I used to go to a salon to get my manicure, of course the job gets done better there. However, I’ve recently realized I really do love painting my own nails. I can change the color up more frequently without wasting my money and that’s an extra hour I get to be at home! (I love being at home!) 

3. Soothing Bath // This hardly ever gets to happen because it seems like I’m always rushed on the weekends to get ready for something. I love a good bath and getting to experiment with different oils to put in there. It’s so amazing and helps detox and rejuvenate me. I feel like my energy levels go up and it puts me in a terrific mood! 

4. Gym Time // Since everything so far has been cleansing, might as well add in a good sweat sesh 😉 !! I was always the girl at the gym who dreaded being there and had no clue what to do. I’ve been going to the same gym now for over two years and am obsessed. I usually go to classes, which a lot of people hate doing, try it out!! If nothing else you’ll make new friends. Luckily, not only have I made new friends but I LOVE my classes and my instructors are amazing!!! Nothing like burning calories to make you feel better about yourself and what’s more girly than that!? 

5. Cooking // I enjoy cooking so much, I take pleasure in knowing what I’m putting into my and Daarik’s (when he’ll try it) body. I like trying out new recipes and seeing how I can change them. Because Daarik is such a picky eater it makes cooking more of a challenge, but I can usually handle a challenge! 😋 Cooking makes me feel like a little home maker, so to me that’s pretty girly-ish. Any recipes as of lately that you all are loving that I should try out!? 

What are some of yalls favorite girly things to do!? I’d love to hear! 



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