The Weekend 


Coming off the short (but amazing) weekend with this flowing, half button up, striped top. Makes for a better start to the week; if I could wear it everyday, I would! Anyway, who else had a terrific weekend!? 

Daarik and I had the best weekend! We spent our Friday evening at happy hour where we just sat around and talked. This time is always so much fun, it’s something different that we don’t always get to do but love. Then we went and saw a couple of friends and were home in bed by 11! 

 We went to Keeneland on Saturday (in 40 degree weather) with my best girl friends. It’s always so amazing to get to see my girls. We all have such busy lives, plus we live an hour apart which makes it harder to get together. But I love that when we do get together it’s like we’ve missed no time in between visits! We spent the entire day (until about 12 that night) with them, and I cherished every second! 👯👯

On Sunday we went to church with my family. My sweet baby nephew was baptized and I am now a proud Godmother!! I love going to church in my hometown because it’s not only where I grew up but where Daarik and I got married. And now I get to look back and remember becoming a Godmother to Garrett! So special! 

Our weekend may have been a little busy but it was just what the doctor ordered! Being constantly surrounded with family and friends is always the perfect change of pace. And I couldn’t have asked for better surroundings with all of the people I love so much! 

Now if only the weekend would get here more quickly 🙊🙈🙉!!! Hope you guys have an amazing week ahead and thanks for stopping by!! 



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