Wedding Season

It’s the end of April, the weather continuously becomes more beautiful and just like that, wedding season is in full bloom! I don’t think I’ve been to a wedding I didn’t love and of course tear up at. Seeing two people come together as one and say those vows gets me every time. It also allows me to reminisce back to almost two years ago when I got to do the exact same thing with Daarik!

As a guest you get to sit back, enjoy the ceremony and take everything in. As a member of the wedding party, you get to help and comfort that beautiful bride (or groom) on the most important day of her life. And as the bride you try so hard not to stress out over all the small things, and try to remember you’re marrying this amazing man God put in your life.

Since the wedding parties outfits are already picked by the bride and of course the bride has had her gorgeous gown picked out for months; that leaves the guests deciding on what to wear. Usually you can tell the theme of the wedding by the invitation, knowing what attire you should wear (I’d rather be overdressed). Whether it’s black tie, semi-formal, festive attire or casual; getting to pick the outfit is the most fun step in getting ready! 

I recently wore this dress to a wedding and I don’t think I’ve been more comfortable in a dress at a wedding in my life. The lace cuts right below the knee and the under lay cuts a couple of inches above. I loved styling it with these blue suede Steve Madden heels (don’t step on my blue suede shoes 🎤) and this statement necklace. I cannot wait to pair these heels with a million more outfits; you will be seeing them on repeat… #sorrynotsorry 😉

Have a terrific weekend guys and thanks so much for stopping by!!



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