Drug Store Finds

It’s finally Friday, Derby weekend and Sunday we get to celebrate our amazing moms!! For me it’s also one of my sisters birthday and my two year wedding anniversary. Well actually my anniversary is on Tuesday, the 10th, but close enough! I don’t think my weekend could get any better (Daarik, you can go ahead and surprise me with something now haha!!) 

When I think of the Derby, I think of the most amazing hat, the perfect dress, a fresh face of makeup and not one strand of hair out of place. Well, and of course a mint julep and betting on the ponies (mine never win)! 😉

Since I live in a small town and am an hour away from Ulta, my go-to make up counter, finding some drug store supplies is sometimes inevitable. There is nothing worse than running out of eyeliner five minutes before you need to be ready! 
Dry shampoo is a must for me, I don’t wash my hair daily so I need any extra fluff I can find! I recently ran out of my benefit eyeliner (which I am in love with) and picked up some Cover Girl, it’s not nearly as good but it gets the job done! 😉 brow drama, I love the Maybelline brand. Essie is an essential, always! Lastly, red lips, I don’t wear red often at all so the Revlon brand is just fine for me! 

Have a great weekend guys! 


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