Two Years In

Two years of being married to my best friend, my forever roommate and love of my life…    I don’t know how I got so lucky!

Two years have felt like two minutes. The second year of our marriage has flown by! I guess it’s true what they say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’… it’s very accurate for us (I’ll go ahead and speak for both of us here 😉). And honestly, I wouldn’t change one single thing; it’s been the most amazing two years of my life! Through all the tough and trying times, have come joyful and exciting new experiences. Every bump in the road has led us to figuring out who we are as partners and has created beautiful memories. And with every tear shed we have become stronger and learned to pull together as one. There has been heartache and loved ones lost, but along with that, new little ones have come into our lives, which we cherish and will love forever! God has been abundantly good to us and we have nothing to complain about, we are happy, healthy and here!

It doesn’t seem possible that two years ago we were standing up on the alter saying our ‘I Dos’ to one another. Yet here we are and not a day goes by that this guy doesn’t surprise me with his kind and loving heart. It’s his encouraging words that keep me going with my passions in life and when something gets me down he’s right there picking up all the pieces. Sometimes I think we start to take for granted all the wonderful things our loved ones do for us, so Thank You a million times over for EVERYTHING you do for me!  You truly are the best!

Two years being married has been truly amazing and I cannot wait to see what forever has in store for us! 💕



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