May In Review

May… What a month you’ve been. It seems like it rained every other day and we had a little cold spell there for a minute. Fortunately, warmer weather (much warmer) and more sunshine than rain is upon us! Other than being a crazy busy month and running around like a chicken with my head cut off.. Daarik and I got to celebrate our two year anniversary and my family had a few birthdays so we were together a lot, which I adore! However, through all the good times comes the bad and we very unexpectedly had to lay my dad to rest. 

May did, however, have a few of my favorite outfit posts! I am forever wearing all of these styles, pairing each piece with something new/different. It’s so exciting to me to get to try out a top a few different ways, like the black linen embroidered top (I’ve worn it so many times people may think it doesn’t get washed… Promise it does 😉)!! My favorite, favorite, favorite boyfriend jeans, I don’t think you can go wrong with these wonderful pants! The cutest bright (perfect for summer) yellow dress I think I ever did see, dress it up or down, it can go either way! And of course, my absolute new favorite LBD. I mean how feminine is that lace overlay!! 😍😍

May also means big sales! Who doesn’t love a good sale? Daarik and I have recently purchased some outdoor patio furniture which we’re now basically living on. And we got the best deal, because of all of these amazing sales happening (which makes Daarik veryyyyy happy). It’s so much fun to have an outdoor space to entertain and host small get togethers on! Has anyone else taken advantage of the steals and deals going on!? 



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