Off the Shoulder 

Hey Wednesday, I see you and the upcoming weekend! Daarik has taken it upon himself to plan a little date night (or so I assume) for us this evening. I woke up on Monday morning and saw on our white board placed on our fridge “I’ve made plans for us Wednesday, so don’t make any plans and don’t ask any questions, love you Daarik”. So I’ve only asked 10 questions, haha! I’m not good at surprises; in fact I’m so terrible with surprises that as soon as I either pick up Daarik’s presents or get them in the mail, they’re his. I cannot handle knowing that I have this amazing (or so I think) present and him having no clue what it is, I just get too excited! Daarik on the other hand has a little bit more self control…😒

I do know, however, that I’ve got the perfect dress for the evening, whether I need to be a little more dressed up or down. Off the shoulder dresses/tops are ALL THE RAGE right now and until this dress I recently got I was slacking in the off the shoulder department. Now, off the shoulder pieces are all I want to buy! Raise your hand if you’re addicted!🙋🏻

I can wear this Target dress (which is under $25… score!) with either a pair of flats or some adorable wedges, with the right accessories either shoe will work perfectly! This cute little straw clutch (similar) will go with either shoe/accessory combo as well! If you don’t want to go out and buy a new pair of shoes but you really want the dress, play around in your closest and see what you think will pair with it, you’re sure to have something!😊

Hope this helps with your next night out!



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