Sweet summertime is fastly approaching (ahhhhhhhh 🙌🏼🙌🏼) and when I think of summer, I think: vacations, the lake, laying by the pool, sitting on the patio, so basically anything that involves the great outdoors! Who else is with me!? 

As for today’s look I’m wearing the most comfortable cut-off jeans shorts you will ever put on your body. They might be a small investment, but if you’re a big shorts wearer in the Summer time than invest! The problem I’ve found with cut-off jean shorts is that the fit is so off! I like my shorts to be pretty loose around my legs, like I don’t even want them to touch my skin. And finally, I have found the perfect pair that are loose enough to make me feel comfortable and aren’t stiff as a board after you wash and air dry them. Thank you one teaspoon!!

For me cut-offs are a very casual look and it’s almost a balancing act as for what to pair them with. I don’t personally like to show too much skin all at once and with these shorts there’s already a lot of skin showing (that just shows you how much I love them)! So I’ll throw on a thin long sleeved tee, or a short sleeved v-neck with my utility vest, so basically anything  that doesn’t show off a lot of shoulders/arms. On the other hand it’s summertime, you’re scorching hot and if you have on too many layers you’re probably sweating and miserable. So keep  it balanced but keep it light and be sure to check that temp for the day because that makes all the difference! 

Thanks so much for stopping by guys, I sure appreciate it! Have a happy Tuesday! 😉



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