What I Wore

Daarik and I have been some busy people here lately, it happens every year. The weather warms up and everyone starts planning events/gatherings.. and I love it! It’s great seeing people you haven’t in a while and getting out to do different things. That’s what’s so great about living in an area where all four seasons show themselves. Summer is the social season and everyone is always out. Fall is for all the cute clothes and you know it’s going to begin to get cold. Winter is for staying indoors with the ones you love, hoping you don’t get iced in. Spring is usually rain, rain, rain, hoping you packed your umbrella and rain boots! 

Something new Daarik and I have started doing is going out for dinner and drinks one night during the week; best idea ever! We (and by we I mean I) had fallen into such a routine: gym, work, cook dinner, shower, shows, bed. I guess my thinking was I want to be in bed by 11 because I have to wake up early and repeat my days (I didn’t want to feel groggy) until Friday night/Saturday morning. Well I’m here to tell ya, enjoying a night out DURING the week has changed not only my mood but my excitement level during the week. It also helps that I have a handsome man to go with! 😍

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite looks I’ve been wearing and that I’m really into for our special little week dates and/or work days! I didn’t link anything up but if anyone is wondering where I got something I always tag it on my Instagram (margaretmedleygray) or I can send you a link! Just let me know!! 😊

Have an awesome Friday Eve guys and have a great weekend!! 



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