Growing Season

It’s the first day of SUMMER!! Gardens are growing, farmers markets are opening, and I am loving all the fresh fruits and veggies! There’s not many things better or fresher than a homegrown garden tomato, which is now all I can think of! My dad ALWAYS had the most gorgeous, very well kept, and highly stocked garden! This year my mom has her hands full trying to keep with his traditions of canning tomato juice (which I may or may not steal) and chopping homegrown veggies for her salsa (which I also steal 😉😉). Which she can handle because:

a.) She’s amazing!

b.) She has three girls to help out (and three son-in-laws)!

c.) We have had years of the best guidance!

Since we’re talking about fresh fruits and veggies I might as well go ahead and share one of my most favorite summertime recipes, right!? 🍓🍉 So, here’s my little twist on a summer tomato salad!

Tomato Salad

(single serving size, double the portions depending on the number of people you are serving)

1- red tomato

1/4- english cucumber

1/4 cup- red onion

1 tbsp- lite, feta cheese

2 tsp- balsamic

2 tsp- olive oil

1/2 tsp- red pepper flakes

salt & pepper to taste

Directions: cut tomato into slices, place down on plate first. Slice your cucumber and thinly slice your onion, place on top of the tomato. Stir the balsamic and olive oil together, toss the salt, pepper and red flakes into the wet mixture, stir well, then place over top the veggies. Sprinkle the lite feta cheese on top and enjoy!

I love this recipe in summer because it’s so refreshing and you either have it as an afternoon snack or as a side dish. It’s easy peasy to make and doesn’t take a ton of ingredients!

Hope you guys have a great Monday and let me know how you like the salad!!



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