Summer Florals

Happy Tuesday guys.. Who else cannot wait for the long weekend ahead of us?! I feel like I got just a little beaten up this past weekend, how many of you all have ever been tubing?! As fun as it is laying on an inner tube, stomach down and being pulled behind a boat with a string (seriously it’s a blast).. The bruises on my body and my poor sore muscles prove otherwise! But I for sure recommend it to anyone who has ever wanted to try it!! 

 I found the absolute most perfect summer dress from Maude! Floral design… check, comfort… check, breathable/flowy… check, pockets… check, can wear just about any shoe with it… check!!! Everything that should be on a dress checklist, just got checked off and I now have a new front runner in the dress department. I love wearing sun dresses in summer, the temperatures most of the time are just TOO HOT for jeans and sometimes shorts just don’t suffice, ya know!? 

When I got this dress in the mail I could hardly wait to open it, I was like a child on the last day of school at 2:59… I was pretty excited to say the least! I immediately put it on, styled it a couple of ways and instantly fell in love. I could seriously buy every item at Maude, this is definitely the first of many purchases and what makes the experience even better is the great quality of clothing and at reasonable price points! They carry not only adorable dresses but also tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories! Since I figured that out, I of course had to buy a little something else other than the dress… Sooo, I also got this ring and I LOVE it!! 😍

I swear, I’ve been checking out all of these new little boutiques here lately and I just cannot get enough! I’d love to hear any other boutique suggestions you all may have! I’m pretty willing to try any new store/boutique at least once and I love letting you all know what my experience was! It always makes buying online a little easier when you already know someone who has previously shopped there and can give a review!! 😊

Hope you guys have a great start to your week! 💕



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