Cotton Dress

I could literally go on and on about summer all day, every day! The subject just doesn’t seem to get old… I mean what’s not good about it? The pool, good.. The weather, good.. The fresh foods, good.. The fashion, gooooood!!!! And speaking of fashion, today I’m going to talk about this little cotton number that I’ve had for years. What’s so great about this dress is the fact that it’s still in stores! It doesn’t go and isn’t going out of style ANY time soon.

Since I’ve had this dress for years, I’ve perfected what to pair it up with, which is– ANYTHING! Today I’ve chosen these shoes(similar) to wear with it. However, I’ve also worn converse sneakers, rainbow flip flops, my Jack Rogers, nude heels, gladiator sandals, espadrille wedges, this list could honestly go on and on and on! Don’t you just love a dress that you can style a million different ways, it definitely makes it easier to wear over and over again without people really noticing!

Now that you know just how amazing this dress and dresses similar to this one are and how simple they can be to wear, I’ve linked up some similar ones below! Don’t go too crazy…. Or do [the price points are pretty fabulous as well]!! 😉😉

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5



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