Red, White & Blue

How much fun is it to put together foods associated with the Fourth of July!? I love being in the kitchen anyway, so the first thing I think about every year around this time is what can I make?? I like easy, simple ingredients yet lots of flavor and of course it has to be in the color scheme! So I started brain storming immediately and by brain storming I mean, I got on Pinterest (and tweaked a few recipes around to my liking)! 😉🤗

Red, White & Blue Parfaits 

I used both strawberry and blueberry chobani Greek yogurt (1, 6oz container per glass). 

Peanut Butter KIND granola, I put 1/3 Cup per glass– (you can use your favorite granola, I highly recommend Purely Elizabeth! Check that brand out if you’re a granola lover, it’s amazing!!!)

Fresh blueberries and strawberries 

Layer however your heart desires and you can always use vanilla Greek (or original) yogurt! 

7-Layer Dip 

Layer 1- refried beans (1.5 cans)

Layer 2- Light Sour Cream (I used about 12oz)

Layer 3- Sabra guacamole (I used the entire container…. I LOVE guac 😍)

Layer 4- 1 jar of Salsa

Layer 5- 1 pkg of Kraft mozzarella cheese 

Layer 6- This ‘layer’ is technically the star section on the American flag so you can really use either black olives or black beans, I went for the beans! 

Layer 7- Cherry tomatoes, sliced in half and placed on top as the red stripes on the flag! 

I bought the blue corn tortilla chips, amazing!

I want to give a big thanks to my wonderful husband who likes to eat NOTHING healthy for sampling smelling everything (I don’t know that what I eat will ever get his stamp of approval)! As simple as these recipes are, hopefully they’ll help you from drawing a blank for themed ideas!

Happy Fourth of July guys, I hope you all have such an amazing weekend and be safe!! As always I appreciate you all stopping by, it means more than you’ll ever know!!



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