Off the Shoulder Top

 Happy Tuesday guys! I hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend, Daarik and I had the best four days off and a wonderful time celebrating America’s birthday with friends and family! We pretty much stayed at the lake all weekend long and it was just what the doctor ordered. Now we have a short four day work week ahead of us and then we’re off to the beach for vacation!!!! 🤗🤗

As you guys read a couple of weeks ago I did a store review on SheIn, which is where this off the shoulder top I’m wearing is from and I am in love!! 😍😍It’s perfect for the season because it’s flowy and very breathable. I know I said jeans are normally a no for me because it’s so darn hot, but when I saw this adorable top I knew I had to have and I knew exactly how I wanted to style it (ergo the jeans, at least they’re white!!) I also had pictured in my head when putting it in my shopping cart  wearing my Steve Madden heels which you guys have seen me wear before here and here, but flats just sounded too good to pass up at the time we did this shoot, haha (I’m wearing these)!! I know however, that I’ll be wearing this top often so I still have multiple chances to style it with my heels!! 😉



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