Summer Skin Routine

Summer skin for me is always a little different from winter- who would have thought it! 🙈 So, I switch up my products just a bit and try to go a little lighter on the application process, if I re-apply anything it’s going to a. powder in my t-zone (I get a little oilier in the summer) and b. lip products- whether it be a chap stick or a lip gloss… I have yet to find a product that lasts all day (someone help me out, ha!). Below is my summer routine, if anyone has any questions or recommendations, let me know!


In the summer I swear by my IT Cosmetic’s CC+ Illumination cream mainly because it gives you a little shimmer (hello summer glow) and it has a built in 50 SPF. Anything to keep that sun off my skin, I’m there! I apply it on with my beauty blender, which you can pretty much purchase anywhere!


In the winter I’ll use Clinique pressed powder, I need all the coverage I can get, but in the summer I feel like being as easy and breezy as possible and there’s something about summer that says less is more. Hints my CG loose powder, I even use the little puffer that it comes with! A few swipes and I’m calling it a day!


I recently purchased this E.L.F Cosmetic palette because I have been reading and seeing other bloggers who have used it and loved it. It also doesn’t hurt that you can buy it at pretty much any drugstore and its right around $3. It’s a 2-in-1 palette, bronzer and a shimmer blush, the blush is pretty light so if you love your blush try Dallas by Benefit (it’s my winter go-to).


For my lids I use the Naked 2 palette and I usually play around with the colors- depends on the day and what I’m doing. My go-to though, would probably be ‘foxy’ all over the lid and either ‘tease’ or ‘chopper’ in the crease line. I line my eyes with a black liner (I pretty much stick with Benefit here, I just LOVE it) and polish the look off with the new line of mascara from Mary Kay (if you haven’t tried this and your mascara girl- do yourself a favor because it’s that amazing). In the summer I’ll usually just run Brow Drama by Maybelline over my brows- keeps it simple but pulls the entire look together!

Have an awesome day guys!!



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