In the Air

Monday… When my coffee cup has to be the size of my head and also needs to be refilled at least three times.  Monday has such a bad stigma because it’s the first day back to work/school. It seems like the first day back from vacation, you never want that day to come and you hope it goes by as quickly and painlessly as possible. [Can you all tell how much I hate Monday, haha]. But as bad as Monday’s can be, I try my hardest to put a positive spin on it; I’m alive and healthy, I have an amazing/supportive family, I have a husband who loves me unconditionally, I have the sweetest puppy in all the lands, I have God on my side, and honestly this list could go on and on. So Monday, I’ll try my best to tolerate you….

Moving right along here! The last few mornings when I walk outside, I can just barely feel a slight crispness in the air and the only thing running through my head is….FALL!! You all know how much I love summer, but since shopping for some fall essentials, I cannot get fall out of my head. The layers, the booties, the hats, the flats and the bags… oh my! And then I think of fashion week, all the new designs, all the new styles, and all the new accessories… can you say obsessed!

So for now, I’ll dream of a Monday-less work week and look forward to the beginning of fall! Have a great week y’all!!

Target Bag | Chinese Laundry [similar]



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