Striped Top Under $30

If you all have been following along with me for a while then you all have seen these jeans [similar, similar] and heels a number of times. But you only keep seeing them because I love them so much and I legit swear by these jeans. Perfect for any season, but let’s be honest, black denim is more crave-able in the fall and winter. It’s like darker nail polish; you see it more often when the temperatures drop down low. It’s a comfort thing, I think (yes, my nails are currently a gray-ish color… fall I am ready for ya)! This top though, which I just recently purchased from Nordstrom. This top is a new love of mine and will be worn a number of times! The brand is BP. and if anyone is familiar with that brand then you know it’s never too pricey, #bonus!

What’s everyone getting into this weekend?! I’ll be in my hometown watching my sweet niece and nephew and while he is still a baby (not nervous at all, my mom is 5 minutes away) my niece is not! So, I’m trying to plan out some fun activities when he goes to sleep, so far I have painting nails, face mask and movies on my list of things to do! If anyone has suggestions I’d love to hear them!!!



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