New Product Review

I love trying out and testing new products, I recently tried out a new L’Oreal face mask and I cannot stop using it. It makes my face feel so smooth/soft, I highly recommend it. Next time you’re at the drug store pick it up, it’s the Pure-Clay Mask, Argile-Pure, the best part is that it’s affordable and you will actually notice a difference in your skin!

Over the long weekend I got a chance to make an Ulta run, which is one of my most favorite things to do! Daarik has to cover games on Friday so I go make-up shopping, it’s a win-win! Here are some of the products I picked up.

Revlon- Blush Palette

As my first Revlon cheek experience I would rate this product as a 7. There are some colors in this palette I wouldn’t use. But I must say a little goes a long way meaning I’ll be able to keep this palette around for a while. Plus, since I love experimenting with new brands, it’s worth the $10 that I paid for it! If you like trying out new makeup I would recommend this palette especially for the low price!

Benefit- They’re Real Push-Up Liner

This isn’t a new product to me, I’m just obsessed with this liner. It may take me a while or some serious conviencing to try a new eye liner! If you haven’t tried this one, do it!!

Ulta- Lip Crayon

I usually don’t buy the lip crayons, I usually go straight for the lip sticks. However, I do feel like this Ulta brand stays on longer than any lip stick I’ve tried in the past. The color I bought is called  Rumors and I love it! It’s more of a neutral color but it’s a bit deeper than the regular nude.

Ulta- Brow Expert

I’ve been wanting to try out different brow makeup and although the Ulta brand is low in cost, I don’t think I’ll be buying it again. It’s not quite what I expected (feels cheep/doesn’t go on smooth) but for the price it gets the job done, just not how I wanted (if that makes sense, ha). I’m still be on the hunt for different options… anyone have suggestions??


I love my blender, it works so much better than a foundation/concelear brush in my opinion! Try one out if you haven’t already!!

Thanks for stopping by guys, if anyone has any makeup suggestions you’re in love with, I’d love to hear!! Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday! 😉



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