Fall Movie Must Haves 

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Happy Friday y’all! It is FINALLY feeling like Fall and I am loving every second (and layer) of it! I am checking two things off my Fall activities checklist this weekend and I am beyond excited, y’all don’t even know! I’ll be curled up on the couch tonight with some good movies and Saturday, weather permitting, you can find me at a pumpkin patch, cider in hand! Some of you all may think I’m crazy for being so excited to just sit at home on a Friday night, but I swear it’ one of my favorite things to do. Running around all week and staying busy makes for a quick week but I get so worn out and tired, relaxing at home just sounds too good to ever pass up!

Today, I’m going to share some things that help me relax on these wonderful Friday nights! I have everything on this board, minus the monogrammed mugs, but don’t you all fret I put a M, D and G in my cart while making this post for you guys! 😉 I must say my absolute favorite thing on this board is number one. I have had my UGGs for, ummm, 5 years now (might be time for a new pair) I believe; they’re that good. They were one of my first ever Christmas presents from Daarik and the absolute best present by far. I know how easy it can be to buy the lesser version, I love a good deal as much as the next person but I don’t know that you’ll be using the lesser version in 5 years (and I wear these daily). I could go on and on about every single item I’ve listed, but trust me, they’re all the perfect fit for a couch night!😋

What are some of y’alls stay at home and relax favorites for Fall?!



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