Fall in KY

Oh how I love, love, love fall in Kentucky! All the leaves change colors, you get to layer up in your cute clothes, family and friends are always around and the weather. This weather either makes you want to go outside and be active or be inside all cozied up with a hot chocolate and your fuzzy socks (watching Hallmark) and I’m perfectly fine with either choice there. Plus you know Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner!! Family, friends, good food, the best desserts and of course, the greatest celebration of all!

Daarik and I went for the best hike ever at Shaker Village last weekend and it was so pretty outside. This little impromptu photo session happened (thanks Daarik, haha) but look at how gorgeous it is, how could I pass up the opportunity!  As you can see I keep my color scheme the same for workout clothes as I do my everyday clothes, black. I can’t help it, I’m obsessed, but I’ll throw in some color every once in while… 😏

Anyway, how is everyone enjoying this weather and what outdoor activities are you all doing? I’d love to hear!!

Leggings (similar) | Half Zip | Shoes | Watch (series 1) | Sunglasses



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