Gift Guide for Her

Well, it’s official, I’ve bought my first Christmas gift! That means it’s finally time to start the gift guides!!! I love putting these guides together, especially for her, it’s always so much fun! I love to give gifts, but I am TERRIBLE about keeping those gifts a secret after they’ve been bought. My family exchanges names  every year and as soon as I buy the gift I’m giving, I’ll let everyone in my family know what I bought minus the person who’s getting it (and that even pains me to keep to myself)! It’s a problem, never tell me what you’ve bought someone because that someone may end up accidentally knowing! Haha! Daarik and I end up exchanging gifts at Thanksgiving pretty much (we’re working on it).  I just get so excited to see his face when I feel like I’ve done such a good job buying his presents! Anyway, on to the goods! 

1. Mug– tea and coffee drinkers are always in need of a new mug… I know because I’m guilty!

2. Faux Fur Pompom -comes in 4 colors, only $15 and is perfect for a secret Santa gift exchange.

3. Crossbody Bag -perfect for the girl who loves designer, this purse is the perfect dupe and under $50.

4. ‘Mrs’ Necklace– for any married girl who loves her dainty accessories (or any girl who loves Kate Spade).

5. Drop Earrings–  I am so in love with these earrings they’re perfect for the holidays and any girly girl would love them!

6. Scarf– comes in 4 different colors, under $20, from Nordstrom, plus free shipping/returns.

7.  Candle great for an office party gift.

8. Perfume this particular fragrance is my absolute favorite, I personally ask for it for Christmas… (mom, haha). It has the most amazing scent and it’s not too overpowering but stays with you!

 9. MAC Lipstick Set– well, because it’s lipstick….. in a multi-pack!  

I hope this guide helps you all when making those purchases and hopefully it helps you buy for the girl who either has everything or is impossible to buy for!!



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