My Go-to OOTD

There are few things I’ve been obsessed with lately: stripes (let’s face it, this obsession isn’t new), this weather (because of the gorgeous views and stacking on the layers) and Shaker Village (if you haven’t noticed from all of my Instagram photos). And this look is one I probably wear all too often, but don’t we all have that outfit? One that you know will work for the occasion or outing of the day! I’m very guilty of repeating this one; it’s just too comfy and super easy to put together (my think-less #ootd). The best part is that it is so simple to re-create and almost every woman already have these pieces in their closet…. somewhere!

Has anyone else been a little crazy this year with Christmas? Guilty again, my hand is raised. I tried so hard to get Daarik on the let’s put our tree up train… our tree is still not up, I didn’t win that discussion. That could be because we need to buy a new tree, preferably a pre-lit tree. No big deal, I’ll just watch my Christmas movies and drink my hot chocolate from my Christmas mug, in my Christmas fuzzy socks and think about where I want the tree this year, haha!

Hope you all have an amazing FRIYAY!



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