We’re Pregnant 


This could explain my hibernation and why I have been so behind on blogging lately… I. Am. Always. Tired. But for the most amazing reason I could ever hope for!

So, since we all know now that baby Gray is on the way I’ll share a little bit of my experience thus far with you!

How far along are we: 12 weeks

Due Date: July 5th

Size of the baby: Our sweet baby is the size of a plum and weighs in at almost half an ounce!

Sickness: I haven’t had any sickness at all, I’ve been so so lucky! I thought I’d be sick day and night and fortunately I have not been!

What I miss: Sushi!!! And I didn’t eat it often but now that I can’t have it, I want it even more!

Bump: No bump yet, I have a visible little pooch late afternoonish! 💕

Aversions: VEGETABLES…. oh my goodness and this breaks my heart, baby Gray is NOT wanting those leafy greens. This sweet baby is going to have the same taste palate as their daddy…. 😳

Cravings: McDonalds french fries, what is my life coming to!? Hahaha!!

Sleep: I wake up at 3-3:30 every morning for about 30-45 minutes. Every once in a while I’ll get a little nauseous but nothing serious!

We are beyond excited and blessed and cannot wait to meet this sweet little miracle of ours!



3 thoughts on “We’re Pregnant 

  1. Congratulations!!!!! 🙂 So happy for you all…. I wondered why you hadn’t posted lately. This explains it all… Merry Christmas!!!!


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