Sneaker Obsession

Hey guys!!! So, second trimester is in full effect and I’m FINALLY (slowly) going to get back to this little blog of mine. I’m beginning to feel a little less tired at nights so I can stay up a little later and I’m starting to feel a tad more energized. Helllllooooo gym time, how I’ve missed you and my oh my how I can tell I haven’t been going as often! Sheww…

If you all follow along on Instagram (margaretmedleygray) you’ve seen my new tennis shoes collection that I’ve been working on, ha! Let me tell you, if pregnancy has taught me anything, it’s that comfort is key….. give me alllllll the athleisure wear and sneakers!  Knowing my luck, my feet will grow and I won’t be able to wear any of these after this sweet baby comes so I better slow down, ha.

Anywho, I’m keeping it short and sweet today, but I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!! If anyone is looking for new sneakers, I linked up where to buy all the ones from my picture and I love them all!  😘

Turquoise || Gray || Blue || Black (similar)



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