Baby Gray is a…

This may be the most excited I’ve ever been to write a post… minus when I announced we were expecting! Daarik and I have been keeping the gender of baby Gray a secret for over a solid month now and it is KILLING him to not be able to tell anyone. There’s something so special about finding out the sex of that sweet baby growing inside of you and sharing that experience with your significant other. To keep it between us was of course my idea (apart from letting our moms know… we had to tell someone), it was just so special to me, why, I have no idea… I’m an emotional pregnant lady… it seemed right! Ha!

February is our month to celebrate with both of our birthdays landing in this month plus the most romantic day of the year! We thought why not make one more day super special for us and announce the gender of our babe!? (Let’s face it, Daarik couldn’t hold off much longer anyway!!)

Soooo… without further ado, baby Gray is a BOY and we are over the moon with excitement!! For some strange reason I’ve always wanted boys so I find it very fitting for our sweet baby to be a boy!

Thank you all so much for reading along, I’m hoping to get a bumpdate up soon since we’re halfway there so keep a look out!!



One thought on “Baby Gray is a…

  1. So happy for you…you are in love with him now but the moment they lay him in your arms you will be amazed at the overwhelming love you will feel. The Whitaker Bank family can’t wait to meet this little guy.


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