It’s no secret… I love makeup, I love trying out new products and brands and I love adding in a pop of color on my lips whenever possible. I also love when that color doesn’t rub off within the first 15 minutes of applying it on. If you are anything like me, I’ll put on my lip stick and 5 seconds later be chugging a water and there goes the two minutes you just spent applying it down the drain. Think about how many times you do that, IN A DAY!!! And let’s face it almost woman has either fallen victim of or to the tooth smudge, how embarrassing. If it has happened to you, you think why did no one tell me I had lipstick on my front tooth and if you’ve seen it, you’re thinking…should I tell this person there’s a lipstick color sample on her front tooth. I could seriously go on allllll day people because #thestruggleisreal!!!

Well, I am here to happily say- I have found the answer!! It’s this product called LipSense, aka a miracle in a tub. Simple color application, gloss, gloss, gloss (as much as your heart desires) and remove when you’re taking your makeup off for the day/night. Seriously, it’s the so simple and the most ingenious creation ever made. I’m telling you, its DOESN’T smudge off, you won’t see residua on your cup and it comes in a variety of colors!

You can’t get this at your local Ulta or drug store, you order from an individual seller and I have just the girl for you. If you have any questions or concerns she can answer and help you out with whatever you’re needing. Go visit her Facebook page– LipSense Lex (Britney) or send her a private message to her personal page– Britney Nichols, her distributor number is 339019. You will not regret it and I’m sorry in advance if you become addicted!!

This will definitely solve all of those lipstick problems you’ve had in the past!!



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