Welcoming Griffin Wade

So, since I wrote/updated y’all with my bump date milestones, what better way to jump back into blogging than by welcoming my beautiful baby boy to you all and sharing his birth story!

On Sunday night at 9:30 we arrived at the hospital where I was scheduled to be induced, this was five days after his due date. First they gave me my IV, and not to scare any of you pregnant ladies but I did pass out after getting said IV #wimp. Once they induced me I started having contractions about an hour later, if that.  I tried so hard to not have an epidural, I wanted to do this naturally but that definitely changed!! After six hours of terrible contractions (that felt like were coming on every minute or less), I asked for the epidural, haha! And for any woman who has had a natural delivery, you are my hero! After having my epidural put in only the right side of my body went numb, so my luck. So they had to redo the epidural (which was not that bad, let’s face it the IV was the worst part other than the six hours of contractions) and the second time it went perfectly. After about six more hours I was ready to start pushing and 35 minutes after that my sweet boy was laying on my chest, it was amazing. We layed skin to skin for 30 to 45 minutes which was the most wonderful feeling in the world, nothing like it!!! Daarik got to hold him for quite a while and then we moved to our new room off of the delivery floor.

So, on Monday, July 10th at 11: 03 am, Griffin entered the world. Weighing 8 lbs 14 ozs and he was 20.5 inches long with a head full of hair and the chunkiest cheeks I ever did see. Pure perfection!

We were so lucky to have amazing nurses and the best doctor ever. We had such a great experience and I couldn’t imagine going through this process any differently than what we did. We are truly blessed beyond measures and words can’t describe the feeling of being this little baby’s mommy! There is no love like this!

Thursday Griffin will be one month old– insert ugly crying face. So check back in for his one-month update! Thank you guys so much for stopping by, hope you all enjoyed!!



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