5 Baby Must Haves 

I am in no way trying to be a baby expert, however, these five things have been amazing products and have come in very handy. I promise I won’t just be writing about baby stuff from here on out, ha– this girl still loves her clothes, health and beauty products! There’s just a little lifestyle change when a baby joins your life, so I’ll definitely be sharing some Griffin  stuff.

He’s currently laying right beside me hands up by his head and fast asleep, looking extremely adorable if I must say so myself!❤️<<
to what my five baby must have products are…

Swaddlers— these bad boys have been a lifesaver, Daarik and I are not good swaddlers but these are pretty much fool proof. Plus you can throw them in the washing  machine and dryer, let’s face it anything you have to hand wash I’m probably not buying. I bought mine at Babies R Us but Target has them as well.

Fawn Design (diaper bag)– this diaper bag is leather not only on the outside, but also on the inside, which is awesome for any spills or leaks! It comes in a quite a few different colors and there is a side strap, but you can also wear it as a backpack which is the reason I bought it. Convenience! I feel like any diaper bag is going to be a little pricey so don’t judge this one on the price point, it’s worth it!

Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter– sorry for any male who might be reading, but this is important. I buy mine off of Amazon and it gets delivered to me in two days. I cannot say enough good things about this product. If you’re a new mom or if you don’t like what you’re currently using give it a try!

Nursing Tank— an absolute must-have! I got mine from Target just because they’re not expensive and I know it will last through my nursing days.

Baby Shusher— ok, this product we learned about through our photographer at Griffin’s  newborn session. Although Griffin sleeps great through the day and pretty well for a newborn at night, this thing is a miracle. He was a little fussy at the beginning of his session, she turned this on and he was out like a light (we purchased it immediately). So for anyone who wants to give this product a shot, I recommend it! When we’re out somewhere or when he’s fussy at night time in between feedings, I’ll turn it on and it works about every time.<<
ay, there you have it, my five favorite products! Hope you guys have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by. Also, if you have any questions about these products please let me know and I'll try and answer any questions!



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