1 Month With Griffin 

How has it already been one month since I’ve had my sweet baby?! It’s only been a short amount of time and already it’s flying by. So, I’m trying to document everything I can while I can still remember!

Griffin is still sleeping the majority of the day but I hold, cuddle, kiss and love on him as much as possible. He loves eating, laying on his Boppy, going for walks (ok, maybe I force this one on him, ha), riding in the car and his stroller, being worn in his Boba wrap, being held and napping. He tolerates tummy time and bath time but loves getting his hair washed!! At his last check-up he weighed 9 pounds 2.5 ounces and was 21.5 inches long. And he’s still looking just like his daddy! Griffin is sleeping roughly between two and three hours at night in between feedings. He is and has been a champ at nursing since day one.
He’s such a good baby, I feel so lucky every day to be his mommy. Daarik and I are beyond blessed and we are so in love with our little boy!

Also, Griffin had his newborn pictures taken about three weeks ago and I cannot wait to see those- I’ll be sure to share!! 😍❤️

Thanks so much for stopping by guys, I hope you all enjoyed the Griffin update as much as I did writing it! Have a good Thursday!!



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