Griffin- three months 

First off, making the number 3 with ties, it’s not so easy and it’s not too cute.. But look how adorable that little model is 😊! Taking pictures is definitely not his favorite thing. Something that he does love though, is being carried around facing outward so he’s able to see everything that’s going on! Such a little stinker!

Other things that Griffin is loving at the moment: chewing on his fingers, eating, napping (when being rocked to sleep and he wants to stay in my arms), laying in his swing, coo-ing, being sung to, reading books, and playing with his hair– haha!!

Three months have flown by and he is growing like a little weed. His sweet personality is starting to show and it’s the most amazing thing to watch! We’re obessed needless to say!! ❤️ Hope you all have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!!



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