Pastel & White

Good morning and happy Monday, friends!! I hope everyone had such a good weekend- the Grays sure did. We spent the entire weekend together, as a little family of three. Friday night we stayed cozied up in our house and Saturday we went to Griffin’s first basketball game. Saturday was definitely more eventful as it ended up snowing and we got lost, in the dark, with slick roads on our way home from the game. But everything worked out and even though it look us three hours to get home (should have only taken 1.5 hours) we made it safely!!

I am one who does not mind wearing white after labor day, I think everyone should write their own rules and mine entail white year around. Pairing white with a pastel, in fall/winter is something I’ve always loved. Give me a pastel any day of the week– especially a pastel pink!  And this bell sleeve sweater comes in multiple colors, so if you aren’t a pink lover, there are other colors to choose from! Bell sleeves and a mock neck are all the rage right now and this sweater is under $40, so that’s also a major score!

Flats are somewhat of a must for this mama, I’ll wear a heel on occasion but more often than not, it’s a flat (or one inch heeled bootie/boot). I found the ones I’m wearing here at H&M and they are under $10 and have held up quite nicely for being so inexpensive!

How was everyone else’s weekend?? Anyone have an eventful Saturday like ours, haha?!

Jeans (sold out) Similar ||  Sweater || Flats || Watch || Bracelet



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