Holiday Bucket List

I feel like every year when this time of year rolls around I always think of so many things I want to do and see. All kid friendly and very much do-able (child in tow or not). I just always forget and never think to write these things down, therefore we never do them! This year, since we have a little one, I want to start traditions, so I’m writing down my holiday bucket list and thought- why not share!!

(P.S. these are some of the pictures we used for this years Holiday card!! ❤️❤️❤️ )

1- Ride through neighborhoods and look at all of the outdoor decorations.

2- Go see the Christmas lights at the Kentucky horse park. (If you aren’t from Kentucky, maybe you can find something like this in your town)!

3- Put up Holiday decor while listening to Christmas music and sipping on some hot chocolate. In the past I always just put everything up as quickly as possible and never take my time to enjoy it!!! 4- Watch alllllllll the holiday movies (we’ll, not really but you get the gist). I LOVE hallmark Christmas movies- they are so cheesy but sooo good. This year I’ll throw in some cartoon movies for the babe. 😉🎄

5- Pick up some Christmas books to read to Griffin. We love reading books, Griffin stares at the pages and is always quiet when we read, literally he will stop crying or doing whatever else to read.

6- I want to go ice skating, Griffin is obviously wayyy to small for this. Maybe I can convince Daarik to go for a little date night….. fingers crossed! Haha!

7- Spend as much time with family and loved ones as possible!

8- Christmas shopping with my sweet little family of three!

I literally want to soak in this holiday season as much as possible since it’s Griffin’s first. Making it as special as possible. Griffin will be roughly 5.5 months old and he’s already so aware of his surroundings, so I think he will love all the sparkly lights!



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