Ready for the Sunshine

Yes, yes I am posting about a bathing suit in the middle of January… and I am not one bit sorry about it- I’m ready for warmth, if you couldn’t tell already 😋!! Anyways, I’m really just posting this now because, a.) I’ll forget to tell you all about this website in a month or two and b.) Look how cute and you’d never know it was only 26 bucks!!

One word CUPSHE!!! Cupshe has so many bathing suits to choose from, are so trendy and I don’t think I’ve seen one suit over the price of $35 and that includes two piece sets (usually you pay two different prices for the top and bottom, not at Cupshe– price includes the full set). Of course, like all other low priced items, I was skeptical of what I was ordering but I think I’ve struck a winner! This bathing suit (first one piece I’ve ordered since the third grade.. and I LOVE it) is made from a good material and actually has (removable) padding, thank you 🙌🏼. I was nervous it was going to look and feel cheap- but I am seriously so surprised with the good quality. I hope the next order is just as good!

Let me know if you check it out and how the purchase is!



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