Honey Fit Shop

Three words- HONEY FIT SHOP.

Prior to having Griffin, working out was such a passion I had developed. Being healthy and in shape and honestly the best version of myself (physically) was a top priority for me. Now, since giving birth and seeing what my body has gone through and what my body is capable of– 100% has blown my mind. It’s such a different + new experience and one that cannot be explained. Feeling confident, is tough. Especially after gaining weight and quite honestly being a hormonal mess (I cry over everything and I mean EVERYTHING…. thank you husband for loving me through it).

Feeling good about yourself, in your own skin (baby or not) is so important. And something that I am continuously working on!! I have to remind myself that NO ONE is perfect and to take social media light heartedly.

Fast forward to now, Griffin is crawling around and getting into things- ALL THINGS! And my biggest reason now for working out is to be healthy for HIM! I want to be able to run around and chase after my baby and I want to show him a healthy lifestyle (I’ve gone a little mad with checking ingredient labels- I want the best for him and Daarik AND myself)! I feel happier now than ever and I feel healthiest now than my pre-pregnant self.

I have to admit that one thing (one big thing) that keeps me going (other than my number 1 reason, the bub) and feeling great- what I have on my back. If you aren’t comfortable in what you’re wearing, forget feeling confident and having a GOOD workout. I’m trying to be transparent and I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way!!! 💁🏻‍♀️

So back to my three words. HONEY FIT SHOP. Ran by my friend and hard working mama who I am so beyond proud of for a.) being equally (probably more so actually) as enthusiastic about keeping healthy and giving me the alllll the motivation. b.) opening up this amazing place to help everyone feel their best and most confident in what they’re putting on their back & for AMAZING prices c.) being a boss!!!!

linking my outfit here: sports bra || leggings || pullover (also comes in blue)

Go check out her website- honeyfitshop and follow her on Facebook and Instagram! Let’s show her some love because she certainly deserves it!! I will definitely being sharing more or her stuff on here! Also, new arrivals are up and I love & want it all!!! 💕



2 thoughts on “Honey Fit Shop

  1. Love this workout outfit – having cute clothes does help a workout. Your reasons are the exact same as mine – feeling confident again post baby and healthy enough to chase around an active toddler are mine. I also go crazy checking ingredients in foods and personal care products for all of us no – I definitely just checked calories before baby and thought I was being “healthy.” It’s definitely taught me a lot. Loved reading your perspective on this mama!



    1. Yes, I was a big calorie counter too, thinking I was making great chooses- and now looking back I realize I was going about it all wrong!! 🙈 I’m all about ingredients and haven’t looked at or counted a calorie in a very long time! So funny, when you think being healthy is one thing but it’s the total opposite and what a difference it makes on how you feel!!

      Thanks for reading, means the world!! ❤️❤️


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