Hey guys!! Hoping these summer days are going great for everyone! If you all are anything like my little family of three, then you are crazy busy and always on the move- we’re literally ALWAYS on the move, even at home. Griffin is almost one and he  is everywhere, and I do mean everywhere!! If you’re a parent, you totally get it! ♥️

Summer is one of the best seasons for so many reasons, like… sunshine, grilling out, pool parties, lake days, picnics, this list could be a mile long, so I will stop there ha. And with Griffin now pulling up and walking along everything he possibly can, we’re just go, go, go, go. Which we absolutely adore and is so fun for us to watch! Summer also calls for cool, comfy, and easy clothes for us and the babe and our go-to for Griff is a baby baby onesie, what could be more simple?!

I recently stumbled upon the cutest and most affordable online boutique, LavendersunCo (I’ve linked the boutique for all you mamas who need to check it out!!! 😘) They do carry more than baby onesies of course, you mamas with baby girls should see all the adorable baby girl clothing! And the boy selections are so cute as well (and cute boy clothes can be so hard to find)! G has on their friendly lioness onesie (here) and I am obsessed!

Anyway, I had to pop by to tell y’all to check them out!!



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