Training: Week 3

Halfway through my third week of training has me feeling: motivated, excited, nervous, healthy, strong, inspired to keep moving (so basically all the feelings) and ready to conquer my long run for the week; six miles! I know I can, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard. Currently thinking, how will I make it to 13 miles and how the heck do people run marathons.!?!?

Sunday’s are my long run days, I usually have a rest day on Monday and Friday, sometimes Monday, Friday and Saturday. Which on rest days, I still try to move (usually just 30 minutes) simply because it’s making my body stronger and helps to gear me up for those longer distances, but I will just rest some days as well because– recovery and I’m human. So I’m running 4-5 days and incorporating a mix of Megan Roup’s workout app. Her app offers cardio dance, sculpting, and full-body workouts and you don’t need equipment. Check it out if you don’t have time for the gym or don’t have time for an hour workout, I love it- it’s quick and effective! If you try it out, let me know!

Happy Friday, guys!!



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