Training: Week 7


I successfully completed eight miles and this was the first time I physically thought, I can run a full 13, FINALLY!!! Honestly, I have wanted to quit a couple of times now because it’s the easier thing to do. I love to get my body moving, I love to see growth and feel stronger each day and I truly love running. However, with two kids at home, it’s not always easy to make time for the longer distances and/or having to run 5-6 days a week.  It would be much easier to give up and say I just don’t have the time for this, but I set this intention for myself and I want to see it come to fruition! I want to set healthy examples for my kiddos and when Griffin asks me to race with him around the house or wants me to watch him run reeeeallll fast, I know he sees him mommy running and it encourages him to do the same. Even if it is just child’s play, it still makes my mommy heart so happy to see him take notice and interest in something he sees me doing. Plus when he crazy man runs around the house he always cracking up and what’s better than those belly laughs. My heart is in a puddle just thinking about it!

Setting goals and intentions for yourself and actually achieving those things is hard, but so incredibly worth it. If I’ve learned nothing more about myself from this experience so far, it’s that I can achieve what I set my mind/body to do. What has been my saving grace honestly, publically writing down my goal. I feel like it has held me accountable. I don’t want to say I’m going to do something, announce it publically and then not see it through, so thank you to anyone who is reading this. Your acknowledgment has helped me so much, and you would have never known, had I not shared this!

Last thing, I promise! I could not do this and would have never even attempted this half marathon training without encouragement, so find someone who is going to help you push through (thank you, Mr. Gray- you are the best type of partner), no matter the goal or intention, help is always underrated but exactly what makes the difference!!

Until the next time



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