What I Eat in a Day

Captured from Yesterday!!

7:00 Wake up- DRINK COFFEE and I happily have two cups!!  I can drink any brand, as long as it’s a dark roast. I’ll add in my Vital Proteins collagen peptides which I’ve been religiously taking for probably 4-5 years now (fun fact: did you know our bodies reduce the production of collagen at age 25??) and about a tablespoon of SoDelicious, French vanilla coconut creamer.

9:30/10:00 Breakfast- i eat what I’m craving, today was savory. Dave’s Killer Bread is what I did but I also really like Ezekiel, Sprouted Bread. Today I added 1/2 avocado and about 1/2 cup of egg whites. I’m big on adding turmeric to my eggs (great benefits) along with pepper, nutritional yeast and garlic- it takes your eggs to the next level, promise! And this is why my egg whites aren’t white 😋!! I always use avocado oil spray, it’s a brand that I trust and the smoke point is high, so that’s good.

Some days I’ll do two pieces of toast and add Crazy Richard’s crunchy peanut butter (clean ingredients bc only roasted peanuts 😋 no other crazy additives… but you do you!!), half a banana and/or strawberries on top and of course, a sprinkle of cinnamon- I LOVE cinnamon!!

If I’m working I still will eat around this time, just something simple like a Perfect Bar or a Two Good yogurt with granola and half a banana or berries. Some days I hold off until lunch- every day is different for me. Simple rule I live by- I eat when I’m hungry!! Fav perfect bar 👇🏽 and yes I ate half of this after my toast!!

12:00 Lunch- Today is random, I wanted to try this stir fry, and it turned out amazing! Good way to get in veggies. I added Trader Joe’s chicken wontons to the mix, this was so good! I also had a serving of pop corner chips, I’m addicted!!

When at work I always have a Big Salad, I love salad and I know that sounds so cliché and a lot of people say they don’t like rabbit food. You can literally add anything to a salad, change up the flavors with your dressing and not feel like you’re having the same darn thing every day! My life is so soo much easier with the salad kits that you can buy at any grocery store. My favorite is the sweet kale superfood salad. Add your protein, mine is always chicken because I don’t eat beef or pork. I don’t usually eat the dressing that comes with it, I buy Bolthouse dressing (Sweet Heat Sriracha is a favorite) or I also really like the Primal Kitchen dressing (Caesar is the best!!) I usually throw on extra stuff too like cucumbers, hard-cooked eggs, sunflower seeds, walnuts, avocado, craisins, feta, just whatever I’m feeling like.

3:00- Snack- Two Good yogurt is my go-to, it’s low in sugar and is a good source for protein. I added PB, blueberries, ground flax and some granola. I also reach for a banana and PB a lot too if I’m not feeling a yogurt for the day.

6:00 Dinner- I made mango salsa, so good and we had grilled chicken, squash and some red potatoes. I put the salsa over my chicken, I highly recommend making this!!

I forgot to snap a picture of my whole meal because I devoured it in .2 seconds but isn’t the salsa so pretty!?

You don’t have to eat what I eat to achieve your goals, eat what your body is actually craving like Whole Foods and protein and good carbs. There may be a learning curve and you may have to retrain your body to stop craving a ton of sugar or fried foods but your body will eventually pick up on it. Also, on the weekends this is most definitely not how I’m eating. I like pizza and wine/beer. I’ll eat a cupcake or fries. I’m an 80/20 girl, 80% of the time I’m a clean eater, it’s what I prefer and it’s what works for me!!



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