Hey guys!!  I’ve gathered up just a few of my favorite go snacks for you all that are actually convenient! If you’re anything like me I am always looking for new ideas and these never seem to fail.

I love, love, love grabbing fruit and usually it ends up being an apple or banana. I normally add on some almond butter and with that extra bit of protein, it always leaves me feeling full for a couple of hours.

My mid-morning snack will usually consists of granola, the Bear Naked brand is my absolute favorite and the one pictured above has whole almonds inside which makes it even that much better!

If I feel like I am super hungry I’ll grab an avocado, slice it in half and either eat it plain or on Ezekiel toast.

Skinny Pop is my late my snack if I’m watching my favorite show or a movie (you’ve gotta have popcorn), its GMO free, low calorie and so delicious!

Suja is my all time favorite ‘juice’ it has quite a few carbs but is perfect for a pre gym pick me up and those carbs get burned quick during my work out!

You should be able to find all of this stuff at your local grocery store. However, I have recently stumbled upon an online market called Thrive Market (click link to view their page) and it has amazing prices! On you’re first order you receive 15% OFF!! You all should check it out, you’ll be addicted.

Hope this helps you all get through your work days! It’s FINALLY Friday, so have an amazing weekend!! 🙂