Let’s talk GOALS

Let’s talk GOALS! It’s March, spring is literally right around the corner, this weather has been amazing (which only makes me feel more energized), the sun has been shining more and we are no longer stuck inside due to snow or freezing temps. However, it’s March and your New Year’s resolutions/goals have probably fallen to the waist side. I think making a goal and trying to stick with that one goal or goals for an entire year is a LOT!

Here’s a good thought- what about making a goal for the month of March, if you reach your goal make another goal or strive to meet that same goal again for the month of April… you don’t have to stick with the same goal for an entire year to be successful. One month of moving more or eating less takeout is pretty darn awesome in and of itself. So then, take that goal and broaden it a little or tweak it to make it work for you and your schedule. Maybe instead of just moving, start a new workout class or start slowly incorporating more veggies/fruits into your diet along with little to no takeout. Maybe do some research and find alternatives to make yourself successful (no matter if its food/fitness/time management/meeting new people/become a morning person/etc.) and find things that will actually work for you. So many people set goals to make it to the gym 5 days a week and staying for an hour when in reality, it’s not going to fit into their schedule, meaning they’re setting themselves up for failure. Try taking it month by month and switching it up!! We may be three months into the year but it’s never too late to try. And just because one day may not go as planned doesn’t mean you should give up, there are roughly 30 days in a month to keep trying and to do better. Past this one month, there are nine more months to keep going, success doesn’t happen overnight and it may take longer than one month to reach your specific goal. You got this!

My March goals are to pick up my pace and to be less hard on myself when I have a terrible time (I’m talking about my running, ha). If you’ve read my running series, you know I’m training for a half marathon. So in April when it’s over, I’ll pick a new goal and work towards that. I haven’t yet decided what that’s going to be, any thoughts?!?

I’ll leave you with this–  “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins