Training: Week 3

Halfway through my third week of training has me feeling: motivated, excited, nervous, healthy, strong, inspired to keep moving (so basically all the feelings) and ready to conquer my long run for the week; six miles! I know I can, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard. Currently thinking, how will I make it to 13 miles and how the heck do people run marathons.!?!?

Sunday’s are my long run days, I usually have a rest day on Monday and Friday, sometimes Monday, Friday and Saturday. Which on rest days, I still try to move (usually just 30 minutes) simply because it’s making my body stronger and helps to gear me up for those longer distances, but I will just rest some days as well because– recovery and I’m human. So I’m running 4-5 days and incorporating a mix of Megan Roup’s workout app. Her app offers cardio dance, sculpting, and full-body workouts and you don’t need equipment. Check it out if you don’t have time for the gym or don’t have time for an hour workout, I love it- it’s quick and effective! If you try it out, let me know!

Happy Friday, guys!!



Six Months with Danni

Six whole months with this little squishy girl seems unreal! I think I blinked, maybe ten times and in those ten seconds, she turned half a year old (insert tears). Danni has completed our family, she has been the most amazing blessing and I truly believe God knew what he was doing when he graced us with her presence. I always wanted to be a boy mom, I didn’t think dressing a little girl in bows and tights was going to be my thing; which I think most people find surprising. And when I was pregnant, although I had morning sickness this time around, I was still 100% certain I was going to have another boy. Man, was I wrong, and so very thankful that I was because this little lady has completely changed my thoughts, on the whole, having a girl. She may not always be wearing a bow, she may not be wearing a girly dress daily, and she may have crazy fuzzy hair instead of long locks like her brother had, but that’s our style and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! Her smile and sweet giggles more than makeup for any of that other stuff and I could eat her up, she’s so chunky and cute!

My girl is halfway to one and I don’t want to forget any moment with her, which is why I love to write it down and go back and read it later- it’s truly the sweetest! At six months, Danni is Miss Jabber Jaws; I think both of Daarik and I’s children will have the ability to talk to a wall, just like Daarik. She’s a little roley poley, she loves to be naked, she tolerates cereal but isn’t into much else (other than milk- we’re working on it), she is sitting up but not for too long just yet, she loves a rattling toy, she is always gripping onto my finger when eating, she’s a big-time hair grabber, she likes music, she loves a good bath and being cuddled after and she will hysterically laugh at Griffin; she is obsessed with her brother and that melts my heart.

Danni and Griffin are literally the light of our lives, they’re easily the most amazing part of our day and when Griffin bends over to give “sister bear” kisses, I can see what type of brother he’s growing into. She’s his girl; she’s all of our girl. So Danni, at six months Griffin is protective of you now… so in 16 years, bless your sweetheart!!

Happy half Birthday my little squishy babe, we love you to infinity and beyond!!



New Training Series for 2020

I wasn’t the running type. EVER. You know when you’re in high school and you have to run a mile and a half? I, alongside most of the girls who didn’t want to sweat, didn’t run. A fast-paced walk was my happy place!  When I decided to start running a couple of years ago, I don’t think I could even run a mile without taking at least a 30-second break one-quarter of the way through- for me it was brutal. And this was on a treadmill, mind you; a treadmill run and an outdoor run btw, totally different or at least for me. So, here I am able to run 5 miles straight out- no breaks, OUTDOORS! Even though I wasn’t a runner, it didn’t mean I didn’t have the skillset to become one. Once I set my mind to something, it has to be done (ask my husband- I have a one-track mind + I’m super stubborn and no one, including myself, is going to tell me I can’t do something) and this time it was to not only become a runner but LOVE it. This, I have successfully accomplished!

Enter my new crazy idea, to train for and complete my first half marathon. I know training will be hard but I also know it will be worth it and I am so, so excited to accomplish this new goal I’ve set for myself! Honestly, pushing myself to achieve this feels amazing! Am I nervous? Answer: 120% YES!!!

My first thought, can I even run 8 miles, let alone 13.1, and the answer is yes because I know my body and what it is capable of. I know for a fact if my body can bring two babies into this world- this body of mine can run 13.1 miles, the comparison there is not even on the same level. I just can’t think of another comparison that I have physically gone through but I do know nothing will ever be as hard, draining, empowering, emotional, miraculous, amazing, life-changing as birth! So yes, my body can run. Conditioning though…. shhheww!! But training for this half does have me feeling a few of those same emotions. I’m not sure why, but it makes me feel emotional (that’s probably because I’m 6 months post-partum) and I feel extremely grateful & empowered.

So, I am starting my second week of training, with the hopes to complete my first half on April 18th in Lexington at the Horse Capital Marathon and Half Marathon. And I just keep telling myself- I CAN!! All of the advice is welcomed btw if you’ve done this before. I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read, hoping it helps gear me up for what’s to come. And this post is to strictly hold me accountable and maybe it will be motivating to get you moving in 2020!




Hey guys!! Hoping these summer days are going great for everyone! If you all are anything like my little family of three, then you are crazy busy and always on the move- we’re literally ALWAYS on the move, even at home. Griffin is almost one and he  is everywhere, and I do mean everywhere!! If you’re a parent, you totally get it! ♥️

Summer is one of the best seasons for so many reasons, like… sunshine, grilling out, pool parties, lake days, picnics, this list could be a mile long, so I will stop there ha. And with Griffin now pulling up and walking along everything he possibly can, we’re just go, go, go, go. Which we absolutely adore and is so fun for us to watch! Summer also calls for cool, comfy, and easy clothes for us and the babe and our go-to for Griff is a baby baby onesie, what could be more simple?!

I recently stumbled upon the cutest and most affordable online boutique, LavendersunCo (I’ve linked the boutique for all you mamas who need to check it out!!! 😘) They do carry more than baby onesies of course, you mamas with baby girls should see all the adorable baby girl clothing! And the boy selections are so cute as well (and cute boy clothes can be so hard to find)! G has on their friendly lioness onesie (here) and I am obsessed!

Anyway, I had to pop by to tell y’all to check them out!!



Yellow Rose and Co

Monday, you’re here… again…

But I am so excited to be sharing something new with you all today! That makes a Monday about ten million times better, right?! I recently got to play dress up for Yellow Rose and Co, Continue reading